You trust your A/C to cool your house... now trust it to heat your water for free!

Right now you’re paying the electric company to run your air conditioner to take heat out of your house and dump it in your yard.

While, at the same time, you’re paying the electric company to make hot water for your shower, dishwasher, laundry, etc... Don’t pay twice! The AQUEFIER® Heat Recovery Unit captures waste heat discharged from an Air Conditioning or Heat Pump system, and transfers that heat into a water heater tank, thereby creating low cost hot water for domestic use.

  • Cut Cooling Cost up to 15%
  • Cut Water Heating Cost 50% or more

Added together, that’s a savings of up to $700.00 a year for you!

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You trust your A/C to cool your house... now trust it to heat your water for free!
I'm moving from Florida shortly, one of a few in the short list is my experience with Aquafier. For the past 25 years I've not paid for electricity for my hot water tank for 6 to 8 months out of the year! What the heck is wrong with people? I've not have had one issue in 25 years except only paying probably 40% of folks without this. L. Thomas, Florida

Additional testimonials:

We had the heat recovery unit unstalled when we built our home 10 years ago. We live in south Florida and our “24/7” A/C season runs April thru October. During that time I literally turn off the breaker to the hot water heater. The HRU provides what seems like unlimited and extremely hot water. No doubt the unit has paid for itself many times over. I would never consider not having one. The HRU has been trouble and maintenance free. We love it. Thanks for a great product.

Dan Clark, Punta Gorda, FL

Good morning Jim,
I thought I'd let you know that I found out why I believed the HRU wasn't working that we talked about last week.
When I pulled back the foam pipe wrap at the HRU's inlet water heater connection, the installers had collapsed the 1/2" copper tubing while bending then covered it over with the wrap. And that's how it stayed for 12 years.
During getting my water heater replaced last Friday, I removed the HRU's pump motor from the enclosure and found mostly rusty water pouring out. I was able to free up the impeller, flush and bleed the system after the new water heater was being plumbed in. I left the new water heater run during the night to make sure it worked and then turned it off at the breaker the next day. Seven hours later the water was well over 135 degrees and it has remained that way for days now. 
I have to say you make an amazing product. How I wished it had been better plumbed in 12 years ago and someone had told me I could not even use a water heater during our mostly hot Florida year. Truly amazed at its performance!

Dale K., Oviedo, FL

I spoke with you yesterday about the noise (WA-WA) that was coming from my ECU.

As I mentioned, this has been going on for 10 years and I am constantly inserting small wood shims to stop the vibration.

You suggested that I “isolate” the box on the wall by adding a foam pad in between the box and the wall.

My wife had a pad of high density ¼” foam that I cut into 4 strips and after I backed out the mounting screws as you suggested, I inserted the foam strips around the sides of the box and then tightened the screws. 

It was amazing! After all these years of a Chinese water torture all day and all night, the sound is totally gone. I even put my ear to the interior wall just inside where the A/C unit is and all I hear is the compressor. 

You really saved me (at least my sanity or what’s left of it). Sure wish I would have called you years ago.

Thanks so much.

Dan Clark, Punta Gorda, FL



I can't thank you for all your help in the replacement of my Hot Water Recovery pump. Doing business with you was a pleasure and rest assured that I will pass it along to my anyone in need of your services. The phone calls in "trouble-shooting" my problem, ordering the pump, and then walking me thru the installation procedure.......well you made it surprisingly simple. I'm not sure if I mentioned to you, but this is my third home that I have installed the Aquefier Hot Water Recovery "system" and I would not have a home without one! Having my A/C heat my hot water for FREE, making my A/C run/cool even more efficient, and above all, lowing my electric bill, especially here Florida, it's a "win-win" for me. I've actually been a walking advertisement for this unit ever since my first install. It is simple GREAT! Thanks again.

 Cliff & Connie, Ocala, FL



Dear Jim: I recently purchased a heat recovery unit model # R6K-PE-410 that is distributed by your company. I purchased the unit form a local air conditioner company. After much debate with the air conditioner company, I called you for information as to why the unit was not functioning correctly. (Your name, phone number and e-mail was on the booklet that came with the unit.)

I want to thank you for your prompt and professional response. When the phone conversations I had with the air conditioner company about the problem of wrong installation didn't solve the problem, you offered to come over to my home and meet with the installers to show them what that did wrong. After they corrected the problem under your supervision, I am proud to say it is functioning as it should.

I want to thank you S-O-O much for your help. It is a wonderful unit and I have hot water all the time and my hot water unit is turned off completely for the summer. I will let you know how much my Duke Energy bill decreases next month.

If you know anyone that is hesitant on purchasing this unit, please tell them not to wait. There is much more hot weather ahead in Florida and other states. Why would anyone want to blow all that hot air in the yard when you could heat your water for free.

Thanks again Jim, and keep up the good work.

Edna Scott

"I've saved money on my electric bill every year with my heat recovery unit. After 21 years of savings, I just had to have one installed when I moved to my new home. Now with our electric prices still climbing, I'm glad to know that every time I hear my air conditioning come on, I'm still saving money. You need to get one for your home too.!!"
Don F., Home Owner, Largo, Fl

I just wanted to let you know that my builder installed one of your heat recovery systems when we built the home in 2004. It is a great system. My home is 2500SF heated and I live here with my wife and three kids. We are able to completely turn off our electric hot water heater in early May and keep it off until early October. Even then, we only need the electric heater on for about 4 hours a day. This is a great product. Too bad more people are not aware of it.
Jesse Schultz, Homeowner, Lakeland, FL