swimming pool heated with waste heat

Residential Products

Turn your air conditioner into a FREE water heating system for your home or pool. 

With traditional air conditioning systems, superheated gases expel waste heat into the atmosphere. With Doucette’s heat recovery systems like the AQUEFIER®, High Efficiency Pool Heater, and the C-Series Desuperheater, this valuable waste energy is recycled to heat water for your pool or home... all for free!

Swimming pool heat recovery

Aquefier Heat Recovery Unit

Your A/C cools your house... now use it to heat your water for free!

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Heat from AC to heat swimming pool

Pool Heater

Capture wasted heat and use it to heat your pool... for less!

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Recover heat from AC for hot water

C Series Light Commercial Desuperheater

Heat hot water for home or business by recovering wasted heat.

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